Virtual Classroom & Live Webinar Recordings

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Upcoming Practice Calls For L1 and L2 Students

Instructor Level 1 + 2 Practice and Q&A Call

Monday, 27th May 2024

10:00 am ET (New York Time)

Upcoming Live Calls For Transformational Coaching Students

Transformational Coaching Q&A Practice Call

Monday, 20th May 2024

9:30 pm ET (New York Time)

In this module you will find the replays to Live Webinars for all steps of the Instructor Training and Master Certification.

As you advance in your journey and certification steps, you will unlock the next sections in this module.

In here you will find live webinars for:

  • Instructor Level 1 & 2
  • Advanced Instructor - Neurosomatic Breath Therapy
  • Master Instructor - 21 Day Awakening Protocol Instructor Training

Breathe Together Sundays

You can find and join the upcoming Breathe Together Sunday Session through the link below.