SOMA Nidra – Breathwork for Deep Relaxation and Better Sleep

27/10/2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

SOMA Nidra Tim Snell

SOMA Nidra combines Yoga Nidra & SOMA Breath to create a deeply relaxed state at the end of your day. We will combine meditation and breathwork to help you change state and create a new reality in your mind and body.

What is SOMA Nidra?
SOMA Nidra is a unique combination of Yoga Nidra and SOMA Breath. Tim guides his community on a powerful journey of deep re-connection to the body, mind and soul using these ancient techniques. Students leave each class more relaxed and connected. Some enjoy a deep and restful sleep for the rest of the evening!
You will connect deeply to your body, re-set the autonomic, parasympathetic + immune systems with the full benefits of intermittent hypoxia for more stamina, better circulation, anti-aging, longevity + peak performance.



What people are saying:
“I fell asleep after the session. Slept 10 hours non-stop… can’t remember my dreams, a really deep sleep.”
N.S. France

The consistent imprinting of misinformation given to humanity through generations has caused the misalignment of our mental, emotional and cellular bodies. This creates a sense of separation and consequent suffering within us.

Combining SOMA Breath with Somatic Healing offers a pathway to completely transform your life through the release of these imprints and obstacles so that you can come back your Divine Natural Awareness.

Tim is a coach, energy healer and SOMA Awakening Instructor.

Sessions are delivered virtually via ZOOM.

You can register online at

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Date/Time 27/10/2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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