Instructor Certification Roadmap

Level 0 - At the start of the course, you will have an Onboarding call with a mentor to welcome you and guide you through your first steps.

Level 1
- You will have a jumpstart call with a mentor to help give you some very valuable insights into how to approach the Level 1 course.
You'll be able to book your jumpstart mentorship call #1 after completing the first assessment in Level 1.

To be certified as a Level 1 SOMA Instructor, you must take a live online assessment and perform the SOMA Breath Daily Dose Breathwork Meditation with a proper introduction.

During this training, you have access to bi-weekly Q&A and practice calls which you can join at any time to help you advance. These will also help you prepare for the online live assessment.

L1 Instructor Certificate

Level 2 - At the start of the Level 2 training, you will find the option to book your Mentoring Call #2

Mentor Call #2:   On this call you will review the Awakening Process Map and your mentor will guide you on how to design your SOMA Breath Awakening session for certification.

You will learn more about the different ways to guide the meditation and how to create a cohesive session that has a good flow and matches your own unique style.

Mentor Call #2.1: On this call you will review your Soma Awakening Breathwork Session.

The primary purpose of this call is to provide you with the essential support you need to complete your Awakening session. The format will be a discussion and brainstorming on how to improve your session.

Level 2: Evaluation for Certification.

Students need to submit a full video performing a SOMA Awakening Breathwork Session.
Once you are certified as a SOMA Breath Instructor Level 1 & 2 you will receive your Advanced Instructor certificate.
L2 Advanced InstructorCertificate

Master Instructor Training

This course is primarily about practice. Students should have read through the course material before booking a call with Mentor. The students need to have this information so the calls are efficient. Once written content has been read then it is time to book a call with a mentor.

Mentorship Call #5 - Hotseat

You will spend this call getting familiar with speaking about the important aspects of the 21 Day Protocol. You will be asked a series of questions that will help you become comfortable speaking on important topics in the program. Once you have enough experience speaking about these topics then the flow of your session will be on point.

Watch Replays - Shadow 3x 21 Day Journeys

Now it is time to watch instructors in action. You will spend some time practicing the flow and speaking of each week. Shadow the sessions and watch the replays of other sessions as much as possible. The more you watch this and practice it the more it becomes embodied. After some time you don’t have to think about a thing. It will be completely natural.

Mentorship Call #6 - Hotseat

On this call, you will go over the tech aspect of the 21 Day protocol to make sure you have confidence using online tools.

You will also be asked an additional set of strategic questions to help you gain confidence speaking on important topics in the course. Remember practice is key and you need to be ready for random questions as they arise because they will.

Video Evaluations

To become a Master Instructor you will need to submit 3 video evaluations. One video presenting each week of the 21 Day protocol. The wrap-up call is not necessary to submit. Only weeks 1, 2, and 3. Videos should be submitted as an unlisted youtube video in the form provided in the course. Please treat these videos as if you were leading a real live class. Follow the FLOW sheet in the course when creating the videos. Please also show that you can play meditation and breathwork. You need to show that you are comfortable with the tech side of things as well. No need to play the entire meditation and breathwork. Just a few minutes is fine. Once submitted and approved you will be certified as a Master Instructor.

Wrap Up call - On this call you will have a Q&A call to wrap-up your Master Instructor Level.

Master Instructor Certificate
Transformational Coach, Breath Lifestyle and How To Do SOMA Breath Consultations.

We have added an introduction video at the start of this level to help give you some guidance about how to approach the next 2 levels.

How To Do SOMA Breath Consultations

You will meet with 3 of your own practice clients and get the information required to create their health profile and understand their specific needs and situation. Once you have this information, you can book your Mentoring Call #3

Mentor Call #3 - With your mentor, you're going to design the best strategy and put together a plan for the practice client.

With this strategy in mind, you will meet your practice client again and have a Therapeutic session.

Mentor Call #4 - You should have now spent some time working with your practice client applying what you previously discussed with your Mentor.

On this call, you will take the information you gained working with your practice client to create a long-term protocol. Your mentor will help guide you to build a customized protocol of 30-60 days to help your client reach their desired goals.

This will consist of mind, body and lifestyle methods. You will learn to build protocols using the SOMA Breath Framework and create long-term relationships with your clients.

Transformational Coach Evaluation: 

To become certified Transformational Coach you will need to submit three successful case studies in document form. Each case study should be filled out in your Health Level Indicator Questionnaire Sheet. Provide all the clients’ details. Energy Type. HRV Score (if possible), Life Goals, Lifestyle, etc. Then please explain in detail what your proposed routine is for this client. Also please provide a 30-day protocol that you would propose to clients to lead them into reaching their life or health goals using the methods learned in the course. Submit this document in the relevant section of the course for certification.

Once your 3 clients’ case studies are approved, you will be recognized and certified as a Transformational Coach Instructor and you will be ready to complete the Master Transformational Coaching Training Program.

TC Certificate
Master Transformational Coach Certification
To receive the SOMA Breath Master Transformational Coach Certification, you must...
  • Be a Level 1 certified instructor or above for at least 1 year.
  • Present 5 additional client case studies (Questionnaire Results From Each Client, Proposed Customized Routine For The Client) Document only.
  • Perform 3 of your own 21 Day Awakening Journeys.
  • Submit 3 testimonials from your own 21 Day Awakening Journey Group.
Master TC Certificate