Tim Snell

Transform your energy to transform your life! (London, United Kingdom)

Tim combines his skills as a SOMA Breath Master Instructor, Diamond Light Healer and Yogi to help people to come into right relationship with themselves and others so that they can create the life they most want.

He is an ICF Certified Life and Leadership Coach working with people from all walks of life as they look to create massive change and achieve their goals.

As Head of Performance in a tech start up he helps the company and its people perform better.

Tim's own journey to self-healing started more than a decade ago and he has trained extensively in the healing arts; graduating as a Yoga Teacher in 2015, Natural Wisdom Leadership in 2018, Diamond Light Activations, and SOMA Breath in 2020. 

A testament to the power of natural self-healing, Tim regained 10-20% hearing in his deaf ear after 35 years of no change. He attributes the shift to deep self-exploration and belief in his ability to self-heal.

Tim helps people reconnect to body, mind, and soul and he is known for his calm nature which belies a deep thirst for adventure which has taken him around the globe to some of the most remote and inhospitable places on the planet. He is a mesa carrier of the Pachakuti Tradition of Andean Cosmology and an initiate of Diamond Light.

Tim offers monthly memberships that offer exceptional value for his classes and workshops.

Website: www.timsnell.co

Insta: @timrsnell

FB: www.facebook.com/TimSnellLife



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