Self L.O.V.E. Dance & Breathwork Meditation – Orlando

Be captivated by the mesmerizing fractals, ceaselessly shifting and unfolding before your eyes. These gentle and harmonious patterns, guided by Orlando’s soft guidance and melodic tunes, create a tranquil ambiance, offering solace and serenity. Inhale deeply, letting go of stress, and immerse yourself in the present. Confident in your resilience, become channels of Bliss, Serenity, and Profound L.O.V.E for yourself. This is a 50min meditation with body movement, breath, and dance, a deep SOMA Breath Breathwork experience! This meditation is all about Self LOVE and reaching your deepest desires. It can be broken into two parts: The first 17 mins are all about body movement, breathing and dancing. You can listen to this in the mornings to kick start your day with energy and motivation. The second part of the meditation is a deep breathwork journey so you can also do this part on its own, starting at 17:25. The best however is to take the time to do the whole experience. Enjoy!