Ecstatica – Thursday 1st September at 1pm EST

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SOMA Breath Yoga

Instructor name: Kyle Espenshade
Level : SOMA Breath Transformational Coach
Date : 1st September 2022
Time : 1pm EST

This session will be hosted through ZOOM

Description Of This Event:
Join Kyle Esplenshade on an immersive music experience combining SOMA Breath and Dance.

In this experience you will sync your breath to the music while you let yourself free.

About Kyle:

Kyle is a Master SOMA Breath Instructor, Healing Tao Qigong Instructor, Transformational Coach, music producer, and ecstatic dance facilitator, with over 10 years of experience in internal alchemy arts.

He is the owner of Soma Alchemy, a system of holistic healing and transformation for the modern day spiritual seeker which combines ancient alchemy practices with modern technology and scientific understanding.