Remember Who You Are – Sara Lystbaek

Just hit the play button, sit back, and relax!



A little bit about Sara's session

We are all unique stories with unique gifts, with which we can contribute with love and light to this world. But in our busy world of “do's”, "don’ts” and “should's” - with a head that tends to rule over our heart - the pages of our inner shining story sometimes get dusted. We can get lost and forget ourselves. In this session, you are invited to turn your gaze inwards. To make space for a deeper connection with your soul; the ever-flowing source of fulfillment, peace, and direction that is always present within you. Regardless of any outer circumstances. It is time. It is time to come back home to you. It is time to reclaim your energy and power. It is time to step fully into who you are. The practice incorporates different somatic exercises, breathwork, and specially produced trypnaural brainwave music to awaken dormant areas of your brain, bring your nervous system to rest, and allow your inner wisdom to flow through you more freely. This may help you feel peace and self-love on a deeper level, emerge with renewed energy and empowerment, make decisions with greater clarity and trust your intuition on a deeper level to live a soul-led life.