Soma Breath Yoga – Wedneday August 31 at 1:30pm EST

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SOMA Breath Yoga

Instructor name: Shai Maree
Level : Soma Breath Master Instructor
Date : 31st August 2022
Time : 1:30pm EST

This session will be hosted through ZOOM

Description Of This Event:

A system of static exercises designed to give you stronger muscles, joints and tendons, more flexibility, better balance and a method to drain your lymphatic system to clear out toxins from your body.

Traditional yoga that originated many 1000s of years ago is also intended to be a static work out. You are supposed to hold each pose till exhaustion and incorporating breath control and retention techniques. You also contract muscles throughout the workout cutting off the blood supply to the muscle. However many of the Westernized versions of Yoga that involve flowing from one pose to the next are aerobic workouts that are more aligned with gymnastics and acrobatics, far from what the real purpose of Yoga I have discovered actually is.

Strength is one of the cornerstones of fitness. It leads to more resilience to stress and the symptoms of ageing. You more energy and better mood as you produce feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin and with less susceptibility to issues such as osteoporosis and arthritis. You also become more efficient at burning oxygen so your endurance increases and so does your resistance to oxidative stress. This means you have less risk of degenerative diseases and your cardiovascular health improves considerably.

About Shai Maree:

Shai Maree, a holistic health and wellness teacher will teach you to activate dormant parts of your brain and reach altered states of consciousness.

Her aim is to enhance your health and happiness & remove any boundaries that are stopping you from living your best and truest life, working directly with the breath to enhance cognitive function and creativity. YOU CAN EXPECT TO BE BLOWN AWAY! "You don't need drugs - YOU ARE DRUGS" - we learn to get high on our own supply and boost our own immune systems at will!