Step 4 – How to REALLY Manifest Copy

Total Time: 15 mins

What Do You Truly Want?

The art of manifestation and creating the reality that you truly want has easily applicable steps. It consists of two simple elements, and what’s great is that you already know one of them:

1) Feeling Really, REALLY GOOD
2) Creating a really vivid mental picture of what you want, and FEELING AS THOUGH YOU ALREADY HAVE IT

This lesson will take about 15 mins and you will learn:

  • How manifestation works
  • A simple exercise to help you have a clear mental image of what you want

Feeling Good + Clear Mental Image = Manifestation that WORKS

Once you learn how to awaken and harness an incredible, ecstatic, super powerful energy from within, you will then be able to “mix it” with vivid mental imagery.

The more you practice the exercises from previous steps, especially One Round of SOMA Breath, the better you will get at elevating your mood and feeling really good whenever you want. This is step one of manifestation that works.

The next step will be to work on your imagination and getting to the point where you FEEL as though YOU ALREADY HAVE what you want. This is tricky, because creating these feelings when you don’t actually have what you want can be a challenge. But, you CAN learn to create the feelings of having what you want.

This will put you in an emotional state that vibrates in the same frequency as what you want, shaping your brain (creating new neural pathways) in accordance to your desired future. So, instead of having to chase after something, it will simply enter your life effortlessly.

This is a HUGE topic, which is why we’ve created the 21 Day Awakening Journey. It focuses on brain reprogramming for long-term, lasting positive change. Learn about it here.

Let’s keep on building the basics. Watch the next video:

How to REALLY Manifest (4 mins)

Exercise – What do you truly want?

This exercise will help you with Vivid Visualisation so you start to understand how to use your imagination to direct your own neurogenesis. You will have plenty of time to let your imagination run free so enjoy it as much as you want.


1) Think about something you would like to bring into your life. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that will improve your life, aid your personal growth, and make you feel amazing.

2) Make an image in your head as vivid and detailed as possible, using all of your senses. If you are visual, make a mental movie. If you are more kinesthetic, feel it in your body. Imagine the smell, sounds, maybe even the taste.

3) This will become easier over time. Simply do your best to imagine yourself feeling how you want to feel. Allow yourself to feel it as though it’s happening right now.

So, in this step you learned:

1) Elevated Emotional States + Vivid Visualisation = Manifestation that WORKS
2) Everything we are doing in this course is designed to help you elevate your emotional states
3) Vivid visualisation is imagining yourself ALREADY having the feelings that you want

Now what?

You are free to repeat the exercise “What do you truly want?” as much as you like. Keep coming back to it. The more clear you are on what you want, and HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL, the faster it will become a reality.

For now we will continue building strong foundations. We will continue focusing on the actual techniques to increase the quality of your life.

We invite you to repeat the exercise One Round Of SOMA Breath. Feel free to do it once or twice.

The topic of manifesting, directed neurogenesis, and vivid visualisation is really huge. To dive in really deep, make a long-lasting positive change in your brain, behaviours, thought patterns, and more, to create the life that you really want, totally effortlessly, we recommend you check out The 21 Day Awakening Journey.

See you tomorrow!