FLOW Transcending Stress (Via Zoom)

On 2024-01-31

  • Starts At 02:00 pm (America/New_York)

FLOW Transcending Stress (Via Zoom)

Sarah Falter


Duration :

01 Hours 00 Minutes

Class Type :

Energized Meditation Class

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All Language

Starts At :

02:00 pm (America/New_York)

Class description:

The SOMA Breath Energized Meditation Routine is a 1-hour long workshop combining movement, chanting and breathwork all guided with uplifting, music. It is designed to help participants become very efficient at using oxygen, and to build a tolerance to carbon dioxide.

Energized Meditation helps people to slow down their breathing to less than 10 breaths per minute, and encourages people to breathe through their nose more. The Energized Meditation Routine is designed to release tension from the body, boost your mood, and be a super-effective breathwork meditation.

Benefits of Energized Meditation include:

  • Improvement in CO2 tolerance and nitric oxide production.
  • Improved oxygenation of tissue cells.
  • Reduced tension.
  • Oxygen efficiency.
  • Improved cardiovascular health.
  • Better concentration and meditation.
  • Stimulates both hemispheres of the brain.
  • Stimulates neurogenesis and ‘brain change’.

Additional details:

SOMA Breath® Energized Meditation Session Details:

This FLOW Transcending Stress SOMA Breath® Energized Meditation online session will include Shaking/Dance, Chanting, Guided Meditation and 3 full rounds of SOMA Breath® breathwork


This session is designed specifically to address managing and coping with Stress. This can be Stress at home, Work, School, or any aspect of life. 

Transcending stress holds immense value in cultivating a healthier and more balanced life. Stress, if left unmanaged, can adversely impact both mental and physical well-being. By transcending stress, individuals gain the ability to navigate challenges with resilience and composure. This involves adopting coping mechanisms such as mindfulness, meditation, or other relaxation techniques that foster a sense of calm amid life's demands. Beyond immediate relief, transcending stress contributes to long-term benefits, including improved mental clarity, enhanced decision-making, and better overall emotional health. Embracing practices that allow individuals to rise above stress not only safeguards their well-being but also empowers them to lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Music Tracks

This Session Includes a unique combination of powerful and transformational Music Tracks Created by SOMA Breath Exclusively for Breathwork sessions. It features an energizing Movement Track that inspires movement. a calming Chanting Track that encourages connection and empowerment and a transformational 3 round Rhythmic Breathing Track with guided Meditation Sections.

Dancing/ Movement/Shaking

In this session you will be guided to transcend your stress that may disrupt your life. During the Energized Meditation Movement portion you can move the energy that engulfs your body from stress, and release it.

Chanting and Guided Meditation

During the chanting portion you may embrace the existence of stress in your life and nurture it. Then you will be guided on a journey to explore its origin, sit with it, accept responsibility and find the power to emerge forward toward choosing peace and calm over stress and anxiety. 

SOMA Breath Energized Meditation Breathwork

Finally, during the breathwork portion of this SOMA breath Energized Meditation Session, you will be giving your self the power to transcend your stress and release it holding only the peace, calm, love and acceptance and growth possible through iits existence. Additionally the Intermittent hypoxic training breath holds open the door for true transformational growth as well as physical changes in your body that give tremendous relief and possibly Bliss.

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Reserve your spot NOW!


Session Protocol: SOMA Breath®

Session Series: Energized Meditation

Session Type: Breathwork

Session Breathwork Rounds: 3

Session Style: Group Session

Session Delivery: Live Online Meditation Via Zoom

Session Theme: "Flow – Transcending Stress"

Session Length: Approximately 60 Minutes


This is a LIVE Guided Zoom Group Session

This session features

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USD 15


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SOMA Breath® is an approach to breathwork and breath therapy that includes certain techniques that can be used to resolve significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in breath therapy of any kind if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.

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