SOMA BreathMedicine Journey

Instructor :Steve Hill

Date :2021-01-20

Start Time :01:00 am

Timezone :America/New_York

Duration :02 Hours 00 Minutes

Class Type :Breath Journeys

Language :English

Price :USD 18

Class description:

If you want to dive deep into a focused meditative state a SOMA Breath Journey will get you there. In a SOMA Breath Journey, a SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor will guide you through a customized breathwork meditation with a specific focus in mind. They will do this using visualization techniques so you can fully embody the purpose of the meditation and use breathwork to supercharge your meditation. See below to find out what the specific focus of this session is.

Additional details:

Join SOMA Master Instructor and Breath Therapist Steve Hill into a deep journey into the power of your breath. 

Just as food is seen as medicine, so too is the breath. 

There is a direct connection between the breath and your psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Unfortunately for many, breathing is involuntary or reactive. When breath techniques are applied consciously you are entering into the areas of Healing, Optimising or Manifesting.

Each session has a different theme to help unlock your full potential. No two classes are the same.


/// WHO IS THIS FOR? ///

This powerful practice is for everyone! It is also beneficial for people who suffer from:

• Breathing problems such as Asthma
• Stress & Anxiety
• Depression
• Inflammation
• Sleep Apnoea
• Grief, anger & resentment
• Loss of direction & intuition

…or if you simply want to experience states of INNER BLISS!


/// WHAT IS SOMA Breath? ///

SOMA breathwork is a sequence of ancient pranayama breathwork techniques combined with trypnaural brainwave music and guided inner sensing that awakens you to your full human potential where real magic can happen. Awaken dormant powers of the mind, supercharging and purifying your blood and nervous system for more energy, vitality and increase your magnetic power of attraction. All backed by science.


• Improved brain function, giving more clarity and focus
• Cleanse and purify the bloodstream and lymphatic system.
• The ability to hack your autonomic nervous system to manage stress & anxiety.
• Increased level of vibrational energy (L.O.V.E) strengthening your immune system.
• Connection to your inner self and reach elevated states of consciousness.
• Stimulate self-healing
• Clearing of limiting negative imprints and traumas from early life.
• Imprint more empowering beliefs and habits to manifest what you want in your life.
• Gain a greater understanding of the science of breathing


You'll experience 5 rounds of breathwork to amazing music that will take you to the next level as well as other techniques to practice in your own time.



Casual rate: $18US
10 class pass: $140US (valid for 5 month)

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Come along, meet some like minded people and experience a memorable journey.


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