BIG – Your Secret Weapon Copy

BIG stands for Breathwork Instructors Global. BIG is like the SOMA Breath Batcave, where all the cool gadgets, latest information, tonnes of music, and other tools will be available to you keep your classes fresh and up to date.


BIG has at least 20 hours of music available to you, with new releases added regularly. The music possibilities can seem infinite because you are able to pick and choose whatever tracks you want and mix them to tailor your sessions to suit your class.

As a result, you will also have full control over the meditation times, breathing patterns, styles and moods, shaking music, dancing music, and AUM music!

You could choose meditation sounds and music from as short as 5 minutes and up to 60 minutes.

You can make tracks with 2:4, 4:8 and even 4:12 breath work patterns. This means you can offer your clients full healing journeys. This is really great because that means you have access to music that is suitable and beneficial for people who aren’t able to practice breath holds or IHT.

You also have access to all kinds of music styles: that means more choices to match your workshops with your own personality. You can go for tribal, techno, instrumental, smooth piano, relaxing hang drum, and more! There is A LOT of music and we regularly update it!

BIG also provides you with pre-recorded journeys, so that you can simply press play and have an entire 30- or 60-minute journey mapped out for you.

In the 21-Day Journey, there are three different tracks for three different weeks, plus the Daily Dose. In BIG, you will find the same structure with many different mixes to choose from.

Commission Up To 50% 

Once you’re enrolled in BIG, whenever you refer someone to SOMA Breath, you could earn up to 50% commission if they purchase some of our courses.

If you refer someone who signs up and purchases either the 21-Day Awakening Journey or the Instructor Training, you will receive 30% commission. If you are facilitating regular workshops, people LOVE your sessions, and someone else would also like to be an instructor, that’s a potential $300 commission each time.

Our affiliate system will recognise when someone purchases through your affiliate link and the commission will be deposited into your PayPal account.

You don’t even need to sell! Just focus on facilitating amazing workshops, and give participants your personal links or a code (see image below) when they ask for more information, and we will take care of the rest.


We have a mapping system on our website where you already have an account. As a BIG Member, you can place your location on the map and advertise your events.

If anyone wants to find SOMA Breath workshops near them, they can check this map and find you.

Marketing Materials

BIG is the place to go for flyer templates and marketing materials that you can use for Facebook events, posters, flyers, and so on, to help promote and advertise your workshops.

They are made by our graphic artists so you won’t have to worry about design if it’s not your thing. You just enter your information and the template will take care of it on its own.

New Information

The Instructor Training is always being updated and improved, but the cutting edge information and learning happens in BIG. This is where new ideas are presented that can help you evolve your classes. You will see videos of other instructors to inspire you with new ideas. Maybe you will see something you never thought of before!


The BIG Community is always growing. All of the active SOMA Instructors are in there, sharing ideas, insights, and brainstorming to help each other evolve as instructors.

BIG is where Niraj shares his latest strategies and insights as well.

As a SOMA Instructor, we want you to be as successful as you want to be, and BIG is the place to find all of that support.

Whenever a new development, tool, strategy, insight, or wisdom that can be helpful to instructors is found, it immediately becomes available in BIG to everyone.