Breathe Together – Pink Power – Catherine Bethenod – Friday Nov 3rd at 10am ET

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Pink Power

Instructor name: Catherine Bethenod
Level : SOMA Breath Instructor
Date : November 3rd
Time : 10am ET / 2pm UTC

This session will be hosted through ZOOM

Description Of This Event:

We’ll invoke the Pink Power, feminine energy made of rose and thorns, openness and boundaries, delicacy and strength.

It is the principle, the energy which dissolves polarities and reunites into wholeness.

Exactly as the breath is the energy dissolving polarities and making us whole : both giving and receiving, both in and out, both opening and letting go.

A session open to all men and women.

About Catherine:

I have been a therapist for 30 years, of which 12 were devoted to Jungian psychoanalysis and Energy psychology and 20 to hypnosis which I teach to professionals.

And then came my encounter with SOMA Breath which provoked an earthquake of maximum magnitude in all that I knew, or thought I knew.

For a while I was disoriented by the magnitude of the paradigm shift, the upheaval of all my knowledge, but I ended up diving in, took a deep breath and went all in!