Breathe In Beats Program Overview

The 60min Breathe In Beats class is constructed as follows:

  • Open class (1min) – Welcome
  • Quick intro (5mins) – Explain and show techniques to newbies
  • Whole Brain/Body Breath Activation (8mins)
  • AUM Breath (3mins)
  • Awakening Breathwork Meditation (35mins)
  • Close class (8mins) – answer questions, upsell to 21 Day Awakening or other programs (to which you get commissions), promote your next class, etc.

This program is divided into the following four modules:

Module 1. Breathing Basics

This module covers the basics of how we should breathe and why.

Module 2. The SOMA Breathe In Beats 1 hour session

In this second module you will learn the 3 parts to the routine.

Part 1. Whole Body/Brain Breath Activation

Part 2. AUM Breath

Part 3. A break down of the Awakening Breathwork meditation. This covers the three phases; Intention, Supercharge and Release and includes the science behind the techniques.

Module 3. Facilitation

Here you can sharpen up you knowledge on holding space, facilitation skills and what do you need to think about to prepare for running your first public class.


After each module there will be a multi-choice assessment to complete. You will need to complete all modules and score at least 80% on the assessments. Don’t worry if you don’t pass the first time you will be able to redo the assessment.

Video Practical and Certification

After completing the online modules you are required to record a session you are facilitating and submit the video for evaluation. The detailed instructions for the video are at the end of the course.

Once we review the video and you are approved by our team, you will sign a SOMA agreement and receive your certificate. After this process has been completed you will be, officially, a:

SOMA Breathe In Beats Instructor

You will create an income by helping people better their lives, grow your client base, earn commissions and will be approved to join BIG (Breathwork Instructors Global).