Daily Meditation Phase 3 – SOMA Copy

You have now done the technique and meditations quite a bit. We hope you’re ready to go much, much deeper.

The following meditation will awaken The SOMA Within. As you do this meditation, we recommend you have no expectations. Simply allow your system to go wherever it wants to go.

You will follow the guided meditation at first, but you are also free to simply observe what information comes to you. You might have visions and ideas that you weren’t expecting and “what you want” might change.

Over time your visions and ideas will evolve. It’s ok. Be open to it.

Please note: You now have an understanding of the breathing process. You will find in the meditations that there may be no instruction for the (Kumbhaka) breath holds. We all have varying lung capacities so follow your own lead. If you really can’t hold anymore on an out-breath, take that big breath in, hold and enjoy.

Also: Near the end of the meditation, you will be instructed to do the rhythmic breathing from the mouth.

You can do this the first few times so you understand the effect that it does to the body, however please remember that it’s very important to inhale from the nose as much as possible on our daily lives.

Same for breath work: Mouth inhaling is best being kept to a minimum.

The breathing techniques are amazing and will do wonders for you. Slowly they will become second nature. The practice will actually have a much deeper effect if you put as much focus and attention as you can on your visualisations and the feelings of ecstasy in your body.

Allow yourself to fully let go and dive deep into the meditation.

Btw: Is possible that emotional things will come up. If this is the case, it’s totally ok. You might have some emotional “cleaning” to do, before being able to unlock the ecstasy and full bliss inside of you. It’s part of the process. We all go through it.

Remember that you have the support of the community. Whatever you’re going through, others have prob been through the same. Feel free to ask any questions or simply express yourself in the group.