Exercise 1 – Nature Of Reality Copy

To understand hardware and software (as applied to the human brain) perform the following meditation. If you need to you will see can download a .pdf version of the exercise to print out. 

(For the purpose of this exercise, the hardware is your unconscious mind, and the software is all the external influences, information and experiences that program your unconscious hardware.)

Sit in a room where you will not be disturbed for 30 mins before your Nature Of Reality meditation and begin thinking:

“I am sitting in this room doing this exercise because…” and list as many causes as you can think of.

For instance, you are doing this exercise because you read about it in our Facebook group and joined the 21 Day Awakening Protocol.

Why did you join the 21 day protocol?

Did somebody recommend it?

How did that person come into your life?

If you just stumbled across SOMA breath online;

Why did you happen to click on this webpage that day?

Why are you even interested in this sort of psychology, consciousness, evolution etc?

How did you get interested in these fields?

Who turned you on, and how long ago?

What factors in your childhood inclined you to be interested in these subjects later?

Why are you doing this exercise in your room and not elsewhere?

Why did you buy or rent this house or apartment?

Why are you in this city and not another?

Why this continent and not another?

Why are you here at all?

Why did your parents meet?

Did they consciously decide to have a child?

Do you know? Or were you an accident?

What cities were they born in?

Why did they move in space-time so that their lives would intersect?

Why is the planet capable of supporting life, and why did it create the kind of life that would be capable of dreaming up an exercise of this sort?

This exercise goes on to ask the same questions about a particular object in your house and it leads to asking a final question – are you the hardware or the software, or both?

The aim of this exercise is to show you how much of your life is the result of external influences and if you learn to take control of them, by understanding the source of them you can literally create your own perfect life, rather than being dictated by others.

In the next section, Awakening A New Reality Tunnel, you may be challenged as to whether there ‘Is There Such A Thing As Free Will?’ It will also help you to understand more about the hardware/software analogy.