How To Do The Breathwork Routine (Video Tutorial) Copy

Please note: Make sure you watch this video a few times to become familiar with the techniques. Practice it if you have time before the first call. 

If you ever get stuck with the breathwork routine you can watch this video to understand each individual component of the breathing.

You will notice that the sound of the in-breath on the video is loud. This is exaggerated to help you keep rhythm. For you, keep the in-breath nice and relaxed without force, breathing air into the belly first and up to the chest.

Also some words of caution before doing any of the breathing exercises:

Do not do these techniques if operating heavy machinery or driving. If you have high blood pressure or any serious medical disease then please seek medical supervision from your doctor before using this product. We cannot take liability for any harm caused.

Proceed with great caution if you have any of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • acute somatic and viral diseases
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD-II and COPD-III)
  • chronic diseases with symptoms of decompensation or terminal illness
  • individual intolerance of oxygen insufficiency
  • cancer, unless IHT is prescribed by a doctor
  • people with epilepsy, pacemakers or heart arrhythmias, unless treatment (including IHT) is under direct medical supervision.

If you do have any of the above issues you may want to leave out the breath holds. However, everyone will gain great benefits from the rhythmic breathing and visualisation.

You are welcome to contact one of our renegade pharmacists:
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He’ll be able to coach you personally using both knowledge from modern science and ancient holistic wisdom.