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In this section we will take a look at how The Awakening Ceremony is put together. We have based this on 4 separate rounds of breathing.

There are three main areas that contribute an Awakening Ceremony. We provide scripts for you to start with, but as you get more familiar with the process and start to understand these three areas better and better, you will be able to create your own version of the Awakening that is more suited to your participants’ needs, to the intention of the session, to your delivery style, and more.

1. Meta-programming

2. Breathwork

3. Music  

The following diagram illustrates the timeline incorporating the three areas:

A SOMA Awakening Meditation has three sections:

  • Imagine – where participants are guided into a meditative state and an intention is set, either individually or as a class.
  • Supercharge – participants imprint their intentions into their body by creating high emotional states, charging your body with fresh oxygen, and harmonising functions in the body.
  • Release – where participants let go of the outcome of their intention, let go of their limiting beliefs, and relax into meditative bliss.

The Imagine Phase is only used once, at the beginning of the session. This is followed by the Supercharge Phase and the Release Phase which are repeated. In practice it will look like this:

  • Imagine Phase
  • Supercharge Phase
  • Release Phase
  • Supercharge Phase
  • Release Phase
  • Supercharge Phase
  • Release Phase
  • Supercharge Phase
  • Extended Release Phase

The intention for the Awakening Ceremony is created and set in the Imagine Phase and released during the Extended Release Phase.

Next up we’ll first take a look at the Imagine Phase and creating an intention.