Manifesting Powers Taken To The Next Level Through Neursomatic Programming (NSP)

NSP is an evolution of NLP (neurolinguistic programming). NLP works mainly with language helping to reframe the voice in the head and alter emotions and states through the power of language and words. In eastern traditions like tantric yoga and buddhism it is considered foolish to control the mind through the mind. Its very difficult to tell your self to calm down and relax when having a panic attack for example. So it is considered much wiser to control the mind through the body (soma). So NSP brings the body into transformation and the bridge between your mind and body is your breath. By understanding your ‘breath code’ you can gain control over your mind and body.

Neurosomatic programming in Soma Breath takes manifesting to the next level by integrating the power of the mind-body connection into the process of achieving goals and desires. This advanced technique builds upon traditional breathwork by incorporating elements of neuroscience and somatic awareness.

How Neurosomatic Programming Enhances Manifesting:

- **Mind-Body Connection**: Neurosomatic programming leverages the connection between neurological processes (the mind) and the soma (the body). This holistic approach ensures that both mental and physical aspects are aligned towards manifesting goals.

- **Programming the Subconscious**: It works by reprogramming the subconscious mind. The subconscious is powerful in driving behaviors and attitudes, often more so than the conscious mind. By influencing the subconscious through guided imagery and breathwork, neurosomatic programming can instill new, positive belief systems.

- **Emotional Regulation and Release**: This method helps in identifying and releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs stored in the body. By doing so, it clears blockages that hinder the manifestation process.

- **Creating a Positive State**: The guided meditations and imagery used in neurosomatic programming are designed to invoke positive emotional states. These states are conducive to creativity, problem-solving, and open-mindedness, all of which are essential for manifesting.

- **Enhanced Focus and Clarity**: As neurosomatic programming improves mind-body coherence, it also enhances mental clarity and focus. This heightened state of awareness is crucial for setting clear intentions and visualizing goals.

- **Strengthening Intuition**: By aligning the mind and body, this practice strengthens intuition, leading to more aligned decision-making. This intuitive guidance is often crucial in navigating the path toward achieving one’s goals.


Neurosomatic programming in Soma Breath represents a significant advancement in the art of manifesting. By harmonizing the mind and body, it creates a powerful synergy that amplifies the ability to manifest desires. This technique goes beyond mere visualization or positive thinking; it actively engages the body's wisdom and the mind's potential to realize one's aspirations more effectively and profoundly. It's a transformative tool that not only aids in achieving specific goals but also promotes overall personal growth and well-being.

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