My Recommended Routine Copy

All these exercises should be part of a daily practice that becomes a habit for life.

Here is a perfect morning routine that incorporates every technique in a logical order so that you can be at your best every single day.

  • Drink a glass of water on waking up to hydrate your body. Empty your bowels and urinate if needed.
  • Set an intention for the routine. Do you need healing somewhere in your body? Do you want to be more creative today? What are you really grateful for today? Do you need to send forgiveness to someone or even yourself? Do you want to attract something specific into your life?
  • Begin with 15-30 reps of Rest/Relax. You may also do it using tones such as AUM or simply making a humming sound that resonates with your heart or head.
  • Next do Longevity. Make the final inhalation after holding your breath with no air in the lungs, Energy while holding your breath in for as long as it feels comfortable.
  • Then do Detox but end it with the breathhold component of Longevity. Repeat energy on the final inhale and hold your breath in.
  • Now finish with Cleanse. This should suppress your appetite for the first few hrs of the day giving you an intermittent fast.
  • You can now do your daily exercise. My exercise routine of choice is F.I.T (Functional Isometric Training) and Traditional Yoga. Find out more about these here.