Sexual Energy Transmutation – Release Dopamine and Oxytocin With Breath – 4 mins

NOTE*** If the word “sexual” makes you uncomfortable, it’s totally ok! (Read on)

When you watch the video, you’ll see that this has nothing to do with sex at all.

Our sexual life force energy is our most powerful creative force. This is exactly what drives all living species to procreate and ensure the survival of life itself. This energy is separate from sex itself and it’s more like a potent fuel capable of amazing things.

We all have it. Can’t escape from it. It’s in you right now. Some of us have been taught to repress it. But it’s totally ok. You can learn how to harness it in a healthy way and use it towards creativity, productivity, healing and having good mental and physical health in the long term.

How to activate this power


Gently squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that you use to hold in your urine. It’s the floor of your body. It consists of a series of muscles attached from your pelvic bone, all the way back to the lower part of your spine. They include the genitals, the anus and the area in between.

At first it can be a bit strange to engage those muscles. Just do your best to contract what you can! What matters here, is the feelings in your body after every squeeze. Over time, this will become easier and you will develop a sensitivity to the movement of energy in your body