Soma Breath

Our Mission

Niraj’s belief and vision is to create a holistic school that does not rely on one single guru. The tribe/community is the guru, and using social community building tools where the tribe/community can network and support each other in the tribe, new wisdom, knowledge and skills can be vetted collectively by the tribe and added to the overall Soma Tools For Life system, meaning as the tribe grows, so do you.

We live in a time where we desperately need creative minds and visionaries to join forces and solve the immense problems that face humans. The financial system, healthcare, and the environment are suffering because of a broken system.

The schooling system has educated generations out of this creativity and crushed billions of souls in the process. Humans have become robotized and turned into obedient servants, propping up a corrupt economic system that is gradually destroying our planet.

Most people are experience life through a sleeping trance and to change things they must wake up!

There was a time however where things were different, a time in our ancient history that we can learn a lot from…