Step 1: Power of Sound And Music Copy

Step 1: Power of Sound And Music

My name is Niraj Naik a.k.a. The Renegade Pharmacist and creator of Trypnaural Brainwave Technology. This is the brainwave music technology I pioneered that is used by many leading therapists and wellness centres around the world.

I have been using music as a tool for reaching peak states of consciousness for several years since I discovered its real power at raising vibrational energy

In my 20s I was extremely depressed, stuck in a stressful passionless career as a community pharmacist, and deep in debt. I then got sick with an autoimmune condition that left me housebound for 1 year until..

I discovered a ‘hack’ for raising my vibrational energy and elevating my mood, so that I could actually harness the power of the law of vibration from Napolean Hill’s best selling book, Think and Grow Rich.

This hack is the power of brainwave music technology!

In a few months I had attracted exactly what I needed to get back to full health, and within a year I was living my dream life of endless summers, living by the beach in a tropical paradise in Thailand, doing what I love for a living!

Science has finally started to catch up with leading researchers like Dr Gerald Pollack showing that water has a special ‘4th phase’ that is a high vibrational form of water that is necessary for life to function. Dr Emoto shows how sound and music can create this 4th phase of water and make it come to life. An amazing new documentary called Cymatics: Science vs Music by Nigel Stanford shows impressive experiments of the effect of sound on matter.

Something certainly happens when you play high vibrational music to your mind and body, especially as the human body is 70% water!

Since meditating using my collection of L.O.V.E Music Albums, my life has been on a near constant state of flow…

One example of many that I will share over the next few days happened several years ago when I first heard about Wim Hof, a super human yogi with 20+ world records and a regular guest at Tony Robbins events, I told my friends that I would one day do something magical with this now mega famous real life Super Human.

I meditated on it happening using my brainwave technology found inside of our LOVE albums, and to everyone’s amazement, I am now the producer of the music that powers the Wim Hof Method, as well as the Host of his Europe events.

Magic Happens…

Is this just pure luck and coincidence or is there actually a method for manifesting the things you really want in life?