Spring 2022 – Energized Meditation Routine – 2:4, 4:4, 4:4

SPRING 2022 - Energized Meditation with 4 Rounds


The session starts with high energy music for the movement sequence.

It automatically transitions into 10 mins of Trypnaural ambient sounds where you can instruct participants to Chant.

People can simply do very long AUMs non stop for about 4 mins.

Remember to instruct them to always inhale through the nose and let the chanting extend for as long as they want. This will create a “Cascade Chanting” effect in the class.

After more or less 4 mins you can instruct participants to go into the first breath retention of the session and continue with the rest of the breathwork journey afterwards.




1st Round - Free Form Chanting + Breath Retention

2nd Round - 2:4 + Breath Retention (This is a smooth and gentle guitar track)

3d Round - 4:4 + Breath Retention (This is a smooth, more psychedelic track, original from the mix “Hip”

4th Round - 4:4 + Breath Retention (This is also a psychedelic track with more momentum for a final round. Also found originally in the mix “Hip”



0:30 - Dance Starts

3:30 - Dance finishes can instruct people to sit/lay down

4:00 - Cascade Chanting

7:00 - Breath Retention (There’s no change in the ambient sounds, simply give the instructions verbally)

10:36 - 2:4 Rhythmic Breathing

15:30 - Breath Retention

19:00 - 4:4 Rhythmic Breathing

22:10 - Breath Retention

27:58 - 4:4 Rhythmic Breathing

31:48 - Breath Retention + Final meditation