The Average Perfect Day Copy

Average Perfect Day Meditation

This is the first and foundational exercise of the SOMA Awakening process. It will be done live as a group, but this version is a precisely produced high quality audio that you can use over and over again to optimize your results.

This SOMA Journey will help you create clarity about what it is you truly want to attract into your life by tuning into your ‘whole brain’ and revealing your real ‘dominant thoughts’ by turning your feelings into visions and thoughts.

Using the power of guided imagery, now famous within the SOMA community for it’s undeniable impressive results, the Average Perfect Day guided imagery technique is a powerful hypnotic process that will stimulate all your senses revealing your true core desires.

This is designed to be played on the first day of the 21 day protocol as the preliminary exercise to accompany the lifestyle design training in this course.

Soma Manifesting Journey – Breathwork Meditation Component

This is the breathwork meditation component that helps turn your vision into efficient action by creating a high energetic and emotional imprint deep into your brain stem, the seat of your subconscious mind.

This meditation will fine tune your mind and physiology to create thoughts that lead you towards decisions and actions that you want to attract.

This downloadable audio is designed to be played directly after the average perfect day meditation on the first day of the 21 day protocol.

However you can repeat it on its own as many times as you wish after the 21 day protocol is finished to reinforce its effects.

BONUS Meditation: Average Perfect Day With Steven

In the downloads you will find a version of this mediation with Rockstar SOMA Instructor Steven. This will give you a different perspective to the same exercise.