With Guidance: Yulia Blanca & Lasse Mosegard The Awakening – Phase 1

SOMA BreathWith Guidance: Yulia Blanca & Lasse Mosegard The Awakening - Phase 1
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  1. Adele Engel

    Yulia and Lasse, I hope that you get this comment. I seem to have lost track of how to connect with the instructors directly! I can’t thank you enough for your work and what it helps me to get through….anxiety, extreme physical pain, insomnia and more. I have a fairly complicated health history that I am making great progress with but every now and then, I have a set-back. I have a lot of tools but one of my most effective ways to get through extreme physical pain is to go to the replays of SOMA breath. The instructors in the Membership Platform are all superb and they offer up their individual gifts. You have very strong gifts and I so appreciate you sharing them as you do. With love and gratitude, Adele Engel