Step 6 – SOMA Breath – Putting it all together Copy

Total Time: 20 mins


Congratulations for reaching this point! By now you’ve learned all of the basics of SOMA Breath and have a good understanding of the concepts and techniques that will take you to the next level.

Now it’s time to put it all together into one simple 8 minute sequence that you can continue to practice everyday.

This lesson will take about 20 mins, and you will learn:

  • The SOMA Breath sequence, explained in detail
  • An 8 minute exercise that you can do daily which includes EVERYTHING

How To Do SOMA Breath (12 mins)

The next video is the instructional video that explains in detail all of the parts of SOMA Breath. You might have seen it before, however now that you’ve internalised everything in this course, you will see the sequence from a new perspective.

You’ll be able to identify all of the different parts and understand how they all flow together. Feel free to watch the video, or simply close your eyes and follow along the meditation.

Exercise: SOMA Breath (8 mins)

For the next exercise, feel free to put your headphones on, lay down, close your eyes, and enjoy. This is something that you can do once or twice a day, forever!

So, in this step you learned:

  • The actual sequence, including all of the elements necessary, that you can practice on a daily basis.
  • An 8 mins exercise you can do everyday.

Now what?

Now that you understand all of the basics of SOMA Breath, you can simply trust the process, let go and enjoy the breath work experience. THAT’s the important part: How you FEEL.

This practice has helped thousands of people around the world eliminate stress, remove limiting beliefs, and find more happiness in their lives.

We urge you to keep practicing every day as this is when you see the best results and this is exactly why we put together the 21 Day Awakening Journey

For tomorrow’s final lesson, we have something very cool for you as a reward for reaching this far into the course.