Step 7 – Daily Practice Copy

Total Time: 22 mins

SOMA Breath Daily Dose

From this point on, all you have to do is listen to one of the songs in here once per day and you will notice positive changes in your life. You have a few choices for your daily practice:

  • Daily Dose Of Gratitude: 2 rounds of SOMA Breath. The first round has 2:4 and the second round 4:4 (22 mins)
  • Bliss Chamber: One round of SOMA Breath with 4:4 (8 mins)

Daily Dose of Gratitude (22 mins)

Bliss Chamber (8 mins)

Congratulations!! You now have a daily routine that will improve the quality of your life!!

If you would like to download the Daily Dose track so you can do your breath work in the middle of nature, or anywhere you want, you can get it now in the SOMA Daily Doses.

Download The Daily Doses Here

Now what?

If you LOVED what you learned in this course then you may be surprised to know that this is just the beginning. If you want to go further and really immerse yourself into SOMA Breath, then join us in one of our more advanced courses below.

21 Day Awakening Breath Journey

Now that you’ve learned the basics, the 21 Day Awakening Journey will take all of this knowledge and take you to the next level. The program is all about deep, long-term lasting positive change.

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SOMA Awakening Instructor’s Course

If you would like to generate income by helping others improve the quality of their lives, you can also become a SOMA Breath Awakening Instructor.

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Find Events Near You

At the moment we have over 100 active instructors around the world, so you may be able to find events and workshops near you. The best way to find others in your area is by interacting with the community.