5: Cleanse

In Pranayama, this technique is called Kaki Mudra.

What Is The Method Used For?

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Kill off bad bacteria and promote the growth of good bacteria. Cleanse the stomach and intestines with air.

STOMACH ULCERS: Oxygen kills Helicobacter Pylori, which is linked to stomach ulcers, so you can recover faster and without medications.

EASE ACIDITY: Air helps relieve the pain from excess acidity and indigestion.

APPETITE SUPPRESSANT: Drinking air fills the stomach, satisfying the appetite, leaving you feeling full.


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How to do the method:

  1. Only practise this technique on a totally empty stomach. That means first thing in the morning, or on days that you fast.
  2. Kneel in a comfortable position with your back straight. Make sure the muscles of your abdomen are very relaxed.
  3. Take a small inhalation then push your chin out, while making a beak shape with your lips. This will open your esophagus and allow air to flow into your stomach.
  4. Slowly drink the air into your stomach. You may hear or feel a gurgling sensation from the air entering your stomach.
  5. Once you have taken in an adequate quantity of air, immediately swallow and drop your neck down so that your chin touches your chest. Hold this position in a relaxed manner, without force.
  6. Visualise the air moving down your esophagus and into your stomach. Keep your abdominal muscles very relaxed.
  7. Repeat this process a few times until your belly fills up with air. You may even get a pot belly as your stomach can hold a lot of air.
  8. Once you feel you have taken in enough air, staying with your knees on the floor, lean forward so that the top of your head now touches the ground. Your abdomen will now be slightly higher than your stomach as your in an inverted position. This allows the air from your belly to flow into your intestines to cleanse and nourish them.
  9. You can now repeat this process a few times throughout the day if you are fasting throughout the day.
  10. After a few hours you will pass the air out of your anus naturally without any odours.

The Evidence-Based Supporting Research: