Avatar Meditation Copy

Listen to the Avatar Meditation first, then listen to the Activation Breathwork component directly after to supercharge your intention.

Avatar Meditation

This is the avatar meditation that will help you ‘install’ energetically the spirit of your avatars. An avatar is someone fictitious or real life who represents the values and characteristics that will help you reach your average perfect day. If you are already living it, then you can use the technique to further enhance the quality of your life experience and bring you even more.

Have you ever met someone in real life who made you feel you would love to have some of their qualities? Are there famous people, celebs, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, scientists whose mindset and character traits you would love to embody?

Such as supreme self confidence, ability to speak on stage, think outside of the body, have quick wit?   What if I told you that it was possible to download and install the genius of anyone you admire deep into your subconscious hard disk?  

This is not something I just made up, it’s been done before by various scientists.   In the 1960’s, Russian neuropsychologist Dr Vladimir Raikov and Czech psychologist Dr Milan Ryzl did experiments together to understand how the mind works at a deeper level. In one famous experiment that coined the term ‘Raikov effect’ revealed the phenomenon for subjects to believe they were someone else entirely.

They discovered they could create Einstein like geniuses through simple suggestion under hypnotic trance.   What they found was that the qualities produced through the hypnotised avatar would remain after the subject came out of hypnotic trance.

An example was with a violin player who was told she was an incredibly talented and famous violin player. Even when she came out of trance, and consciously aware she was no longer being hypnotised to believe this, she found in her next violin lesson she had massive improvements in her performance and jumped forward into more advanced classes.

The genius stayed with her even when she returned to normal life. Similar results were shown with other talents such as art, singing and even academic in different people.  

This technique was improved by the famous hypnotherapist Paul McKenna with the “Possibility Generator” and the “Borrowed Genius” techniques of Win Winger. They discovered you did not even need go into deep hypnotic trance to achieve the same effect. NLP also has techniques that make the Raikov effect work much faster.  

However when I believe I have taken it to the next level by combining the same method with SOMA breathwork. I have used this method myself for several years and the spooky thing is how I have manifested my avatars into my real life in the most weird and wonderful ways!  

Have a read of this for more insights on this story:   Another powerful application of this technique:  

A life changing event in 2017 again proved to me the power of this method and helped me turn it into a process anyone could learn. I had a sudden relapse of ulcerative colitis when I went into complete darkness for 7 days and 7 nights during a darkness retreat. I discovered that unconsciously I had a massive fear of the dark. The darkness represents the ‘womb’ and it can trigger emotions stored from when you were in that environment based on the emotional imprints from your mother.

My mother was highly stressed when she was pregnant. She suffered a lot of fear from being an immigrant with low income in England and also from being in an unhappy marriage. Autoimmune issues like ulcerative colitis can be caused by emotions expressing themselves as disease in the body. So I created a supreme council of avatars consisting of people who represent absolute fearlessness, such as my friend Wim Hof and historical figures like Gandhi.

I then used breathwork to super charge my vision and imprint fearlessness into my DNA – The exact same process you will find in this week’s training. Within a week I was back in remission and have been ever since! I cannot say for certain, it was just this process or a combination of things, but the fact it has worked in other areas of my life gives me confidence in it’s power!  

As I believe in tribe intelligence I would love your feedback and results after using this method. Avatar Activation Breathwork. This is the breathwork component to the meditation above. Use this to super charge your DNA with the spirit of your avatars!  

You may repeat this whole process as many times as you wish as it is now another powerful tool in your tool box (do not do more than 2/3 rounds of the breathwork component per day as it is very powerful.)

BONUS Meditation: Avatar Meditation With Steven

In the downloads you will find a version of this mediation with Rockstar SOMA Instructor Steven. This will give you a different perspective to the same exercise.