Depth - Original 4:8 Daily Dose

This is originally a Daily Dose with 2 rounds of 4:8 breathing. Find the original post here

In this section you will be able to download the pieces of this track and have the usual options of 4:8 and 4:4 with breathing sounds or counting.

The first cycle of the track is called Depth

The second cycle of the track is called Depth Han Pan

You will also find the meditation sounds of the end available also on their own.

Depth 4:8

In this track, the rhythmic breathing starts very early and the breath retention is at 10:15. The meditation time afterwards is of about 9 mins.

Depth Han Pan

Rhythmic breathing starts at around 0:50 and the counting starts at around 1:09 (For the version with counting).

The breath retention is at 5:40 and the meditation time is about 7 mins.

Depth Meditation

This is the meditation sounds at the end of the track. No rhythmic breathing, just pure ambience for deep meditation.