Depth Kumbhaka Healing – 4:8 Journey (30 mins)

Here you will find 1 download of deep, deep healing meditation music with breath retentions.

1)  Depth Kumbhaka Healing 4-8 Journey  is a healing track of 30 mins with 2 breath retentions

4:8 Rhythmic breathing

0:15      - 4:8 Rhythmic Breathing
11:00    - Retention Phase
2nd Round 
  15:10    - 4:8 Rhythmic Breathing
21:12    - Retention Phase

Final Meditation 

25:10    - 4:8 Breathing and Final Meditation 

NOTE*** You
will find that by breathing in 4:8 (or 2:4) for long, uninterrupted
periods of time, you will experience a beautiful natural "high".

Added the relaxing sounds and deep Brainwave Entrainment music, PLUS THE INTERMITTENT HYPOXIA these tracks are extremely, extremely powerful. 

The Parasympathetic Nervous System will be stimulated to the max, which is where the Self Healing takes place. 

DO BE CAREFUL WITH THE BREATH HOLDS, remember that the following people are DISCOURAGED from doing breath retentions:

- Epileptics
- Cardiac Arrhythmia
- Pregnancy

If you want to help these people, you can use the version with no breath holds. 

doing this regularly, you will accelerate the development of a strong,
peaceful and calm nervous system, unshakeable by stress, fear, etc.

It will be challenging to do this for long periods on live group sessions,
so this track might be better for personal practice, advanced practitioners and people in need of deep, deep healing.

Though one session is already very powerful, the key here is to do this at least once per day over many days (weeks...?).

can also be a good opportunity for you to offer regular coaching
sessions to your clients, since this music is only for us 🙂