Please Read First

The SOMA L.O.V.E. Albums are all produced by Niraj and are music only.

They can be great for pre-session music, some for intro meditations, some for after the session. Load them soon to your playlist and get used to the tracks and what you can do with them.

Music overview

Check below which tracks suit which part of the journey

Love 1Track lengthbpmIntroRhythmicOut- breath holdEnd session
A new Horizon 11117:4565x
End of the illusion10:10120
Golden Age5:45
Hands of Destiny 11114:5385
Heart Yam Love 26:37128
Morning refresh-(changes chill out mix)6:50117
Star Tribe6:5365x
Where everything is possible again2:52100
Love 2
The Journey1:04:33120
Love 3
Amaya Drum Yoga4:43120
Bliss Breath13:13
Innerdawn The Journery within 18:36119
Journey 2, into Alpha 2 pt 16:4060
Trypnaural Inner Dawn6:05119
Love 4
Heart Yam Love6:37128
Inner Peace13.24120
Love Frequency7:2072x
Love V4 The Voyage1:00:03120
Magnetic Oceon5:3660
Musk 115:3270
Love 5
Mind Ascension11:44120x
The Ritual (Gateway session)6:20133x
Love without condition9:03100
Seratonin Sunrise10:5565xx
Extra Sensor Perception (evolution of Conciousness)7:39117x
Inner Dawn6:05119
Inner Dawn (remix)8:20x
Sovereignity (remix)5:2593
Synchronicity (meditation)11:15x
Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment 20mins15:4463
Love 6
1111 part 2 fractal system4:36105
Jacobs stairway to the stars7:4670
Maji’s ascent8:5660
Love Rose Bloom9:0457.99
Dosa Dosa8:19100
The hands of Destiny4:5385
No Turning Back now-I fell in Love2:5275
Good vibes only2:1280
Enchanted Love4:4659.74
The Magis Ascent9:2060
Stairway to the stars8:5670
1111 (The Talisman)5:43105
Jacob’s stairway to the stars28:04:0060
(The Journey)
Love Ecstatica
Bliss Breath13:1375x
Love Ecstatica Dance Mix37:31:00124.028x
Love V2 The Journey1:04:33120
Only Now14:2460
Love Meditations
Crystal hang16:4866.91
Mystic Flute19:46120
Mystic Flute 216:24120
Syncronicity Meditation11:1570


The link above is to a document that was originally provided by Instructor Lisa Boogie. Thanks so much for this Lisa!
The document currently lists track times and bpm (Beats per minute) for all of the L.O.V.E. albums. We have made this editable for everyone to contribute to if they wish.

We would love to have all the tracks listed in here and will update as when we get time.

We have also added some other ideas for headings that would be great for instructors to know about the tracks.

So if you have time add in what you can too. đŸ™‚