Breathe Together Sunday – On The Spot Community Collective – Steven Whitney – Sunday May 28th at 12pm ET

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On The Spot Community Collective

Instructor name: Steven Whitney
Level : SOMA Breath Master Trainer
Date : May 28th
Time : 12pm ET / 5pm UTC

This session will be hosted through ZOOM

Description Of This Event:

On The Spot Community Collective.

Join me as I guide a meditation breathwork journey weaving the ideas provided by the community.

You will be asked to share something that you want to shift, let go of, that is holding you back, you want to achieve, embody or awaken within yourself. With no preparation I will guide the session on the spot. As individual as we are we are all the same.

So instead of me designing a session on what I think you want, you get to design the session that YOU truly want.

About Steven:

Steve is a SOMA Breath Master Instructor and Teacher Trainer.

Steve helps people upscale their lives, energy and health so they can grow their business, relationships and wellness.