BREATHE Together Sundays – Feel Your Inner Power – Claudia Solis – Sunday March 5th at 10am ET

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Feel Your Inner Power

Instructor name: Claudia Solis
Level : SOMA Breath Master Instructor
Date : March
Time : 10am ET / 3 pm UTC

This session will be hosted through ZOOM

Description of the event:

Feel Your Inner Power

The true power you have within you is the presence of your energy in the world. Without energy, there is no presence of your body, neither progress, nor passion.

I invite you to live this SOMA Breath experience with me so that you connect with the true power that is within you, raising the frequency of your body with movement, awakening your kundalini and the passion to live.

Breathing will awaken your energetic presence in order to achieve everything you set out to do in life.

About Claudia :

Claudia Solis. Energy Healer, Flower Therapist and Soma Breath Master Instructor. Founder of Espacio Tremen in Chile.

This Master Instructor will be at the Mexico Instructor Training Retreat.