Breathobics Intro

In Breathobics you will learn powerful breathwork techniques that I developed after my own self healing experience from a chronic illness and then later from training with the super human Wim Hof based on the ancient science of breathwork called Pranayama.

Check out the videos on the left to learn the following breathwork techniques:

  1. Extended Exhalation Breathwork – this technique will help you switch of stress on command, flood your body with vital oxygen and create higher levels of mental clarity and calm.
  2. Power Breathing – this technique will magnify your alpha,theta and gamma brainwaves, boosting your feel good hormones for higher states of consciousness, more energy, vitality, focus and confidence.
  3. Whole Brain Breathwork – this technique will harmonise both left and right hemispheres of the brain awakening its potential.
  4. Midbrain Buzz – this technique will stimulate the reptilian center of your brain awakening its serpent power for deeper intuition, insight and cognitive power.