CHANTING – AUM (1 mins)

OHM, or AUM, is considered the sacred sound of creation. When you make a single tone sound for an extended length of time you are naturally extending the exhale. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system which has all kinds of amazing benefits:

Benefits of AUM

  • Reduces stress
  • Stimulates the cerebral cortex which in turn calms down pain receptors
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Gets you in a meditative state for deep relaxation/healing/reprogramming
  • Stimulates self healing
  • Good for depression
  • Stimulates the vagus nerve, helping to reduce inflammation in your body and anxiety
  • Your voice may become deeper and more powerful

NOTE*** The FDA has approved Vagus nerve stimulation, which involves the use of a device to stimulate the vagus nerve with electrical impulses. It is being used to successfully help epilepsy patients, those suffering from depression and chronic pain.

The yogis have known for thousands of years how to stimulate the vagus nerve with simple chanting.