Depth – 4:8 Daily Dose With Second Round in 4:4

This is a track that follows the structure of the original Daily Dose, however, the breathing pattern is on 4:8 for the firs 11 mins before the first breath retention. The second round is on 4:4.

Intro Meditation and 1st Round of Rhythmic breathing

   0:15      – 4:8 Rhythmic Breathing 
  11:00    – Retention Phase

2nd Round 
  15:04    – 4:4 Rhythmic Breathing
  20:00    – Retention Phase and final meditation

Final Meditation 

 NOTE *** This version is recommended for sessions where people are being introduced to SOMA. 

You will find the second round on 4:4 is more fitting and has far more momentum on a group setting.