Exercise 2 – Awakening A New Reality Tunnel Copy

Take some time out to do the following exercise. Once again find a place where you can reflect on the following questions without being distracted.

Imagine you were born white instead of brown, or brown instead of white.

What if you were born into a different religion?

What if you were born a different sex or in a different country?

How different would your life be right now?

Is There Such A Thing As Free Will?

According to yoga, we are not born with true free will, it is something we have to earn and the process of yoga is designed to cultivate the sense of it, and if we never reach it, it will give us a sense of peace and acceptance with the fact we are just conditioned robots living in a robotized world constructed by other robots.

Think about all the things that had to happen for you to be reading this right now. You may have been recommended this by a friend, or you may have responded to an advert. Before that event occured in space and time, your friend had to have learned about this somehow and the website that the advert was placed on that you responded to had to be created by someone. The computer that the website was programmed on had to be invented by someone at some point in history.

The very fact that you were born at all is a miracle, because a lucky sperm found a lucky egg at some point in space and time. So really you are the net result of a lot of love making going back millions of years, with the chances of you even existing being 1 in a quadrlillion!

Just imagine how different your life would be if you were a little bit taller, or shorter, or a completely different race or color? What if you were born a different sex Imagine if you were brought up speaking russian rather than english, how different would your life have been??

You could say that life is the product our collective and cumulative responses to external influences, and the external response to your physical traits, that we have absolutely no control over.

Your response to a situation begins with a feeling. Everything human beings do is because of a feeling.

But where do those feelings come from?

The more you meditate on this question, you can contemplate that a feeling arises because of a physiological change that occurs in the body that is then interpreted by the brain as an emotion.

What is it that makes this physiological change?

An electrical impulse in the neurology of the body is what initiates the muscles into action.

But where does that electrical impulse come from?

By using the analogy of a computer, you can assume that just like a computer we have both a software component (your mind) and a hardware component (physical body).

The software just like a computer can be programmed, and it is those programs that drives instinctive and habitual behaviour. These programs also called imprints are recorded memories based on how to respond to situations in order to stay safe, and they are wired and stored into your physical hard drives.

Most of these imprints occur in the earliest part of our lives 0-7 years, and according to yoga and other schools of mysticism and magic, they are almost impossible to shift.

Now for a moment imagine that the entire universe is a hologram projecting out into time and space from one single source of vibrational energy. Everything that exists and will ever exist is happening right here and right now. This is what quantum physics tells us about the mystery of our universe.

Our brain stem located deep in the center of the most primitive part of the brain, called the reptilian brain, is designed to filter out all of the information from reality that bombards us everyday and to prevent us from becoming overwhelmed by it. It is these filters that defines our perception of reality.

But what creates these filters in the first place?

The imprints that occur between 0-7 years old are what shapes these filters. The conditioning from events after this age merely add layers on top.

Unless we learn to change our filters, we will merely be existing in a sleeping trance like robots acting out hardwired imprints or ‘meta-programs’

Soma Awakening is designed to help you wake up out of this sleeping chance by discovering your true will. 

The next exercise will help us to overcome some of our fears to help get us out of our comfort trance. Like Nike says, “Just do it”.