Exercise 3 – Fear Control Copy

This exercise can end up being a lot of fun but also quite challenging.

Attempt to do something that terrifies you. When the fear creeps up, do 2:4 breathing (in-breath 2 secs, out-breath 4secs) for a few minutes and see what happens to the physical sensations in your body. Then just do the thing that scares you!


Walk up to someone you find attractive and give them a compliment and get their phone number! If you fail, find someone else till you succeed.

Fill your bath up with ice and jump into it (make sure it’s super cold first)

Stand in the middle of a busy shopping mall or street and start singing your heart out

Or anything else totally crazy you can think of!

Share your examples and results below!!

Next week in the Awakening Phase make sure to complete the two exercises earlier in the week, especially the FOFO one so you can bring it into your daily meditation.