Heart Coherence & L.O.V.E. Copy

According to the ancient yogic texts, AUM or OM is considered the sacred sound of creation. If you take a closer look at exactly what happens physiologically when you make this sound, it may well be the most simple ‘creative’ tool available.

The yogis are not the only people to chant single tones like AUM. The tibetan monks, tuvan throat singers of Mongolia and various other tribal cultures sing in single tones. When you make a single tone sound for an extended length of time you are naturally extending the exhale. You stimulate the cerebral cortex which in turn also calms down the hypothalamus and even pain receptors. This may explain why people scream or yell when they get hurt too!

Making a single tone stimulates the vagus nerve, your brainwaves produce more alpha and theta waves, and this is the state hypnotherapists like to get their subjects into as it is the time when suggestions work best. Through the power of intention and visualization you can stimulate the creation of new brain cells in the cerebral cortex. AUM is actually 3 syllables, A-U-M pronounced Ahhh, Ooooh and Mmmmm. Each of these tones creates a vibration in a different area of the body.

Ahhh = Stomach/Abdomen

Ooooh = Heart/Chest/Throat

Mmmm = Brain/Pineal/Pituitary Gland

Through this toning sequence you can vibrate and stimulate the endocrine glands and energy centers of each of these areas of your body. This has the power to create, restore and revitalise the cells and organs important for your optimum living. However it is the higher tones of Mmmm that stimulates your higher corticol functions and glands of the pineal and pituitary. Toning also has the power to alter consciousness and your ability to create reality itself.

By combining rhythmic breathwork, kumbhaka, harnessing sexual energy and toning you now have a powerful process for awakening your creative, manifesting and brain/ congnitive enhancing power!

The Soma AUM Meditation

As mentioned, when you chant AUM, it naturally makes you do an extended exhalation, where you breath out longer than you breath in.

This has the effect of switching off your sympathetic nervous system and activating your parasympathetic nervous system.

With this exercise you will flow naturally into the alpha state and your third eye chakra will begin to be activated. This is where your pineal gland is located.

In many ancient cultures the pineal gland is considered to be “the seat of the soul”, and this scientific AUM meditation can be used to enhance the activity of the pineal gland. This allows you to connect with the divine and the universal consciousness.

Deep meditation in this state enables you to receive divine inspiration, heightened creativity and divine knowledge.

Next up we have a step by step guide to AUM toning