Heart Coherence Training

The heart coherence exercise combines the power of your heart to balance thoughts, emotions and harmonise the physiological functions of your body. This will help you achieve a calm, neutral and focused state for clear thinking. It will help you release stress, balance emotions like frustration and anger, giving you mental clarity and wellbeing in minutes.

Your heart is a primary generator of rhythm in your body. It also produces the largest electromagnetic field of any organ in your body, even your brain.

Your heart has nerve cells similar to your brain and scientists are now confirming that your heart has a conscious intelligence of its own. It influences processes in your brain that control your nervous system, cognitive function and emotions.

When you are in coherence you are at your optimum physiological function, also called your ‘flow state’ or ‘being in the zone’ by athletes and peak performers. Some of the things that you will experience when you are in coherence are:

  • You feel confident, focused, positive and calm.
  • You have more energy and motivation.
  • You can also use it when you need more coordination and speed in
  • your reactions i.e when performing sports or performing complicated tasks.
  • Negative emotions like fear, frustration, anxiety, irritation or anger can bring you out of coherence and drain you of energy. Coherence training can prevent them from escalating and getting out of control, preventing harm to your body.

The Heart Coherence Trainer Visualizer

Coherence occurs when you focus your intention on your heart and breathe deeply, smoothly and rhythmically so that each inhalation and exhalation are equally spaced out in a perfect groove.
Breathing at a musical rhythm of 58.6 bpm that is also a calm relaxed heart beat rhythm, means you breath 7.8 breaths per minute exactly synchronizing to the Schumann Resonance at 7.83hz. This is the natural pulse of our planet earth that also corresponds to low alpha brainwaves in the brain. This brainwave state is when you are most in the ‘zone’.

Using the Heart Coherence Trainer Audios in the download section, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Focus your intention on your heart. Slip on your headphones and press play on the Heart Coherence Trainer Audio.

Step 2: Breathe in rhythm with the Heart Coherence trainer audio using the drum beat as your guide. This drum beat is synced to the Schumann resonance. Inhale on the first beat. Exhale on the next beat. Breathing should be slow, smooth and deep into your heart. You can imagine your nostrils are in your heart.

Step 3: Activate a good feeling by remembering a time when you felt good inside. If you have important goals you want to accomplish, focus on the feeling you would have if you were to successfully reach these goals. If you want to overcome a negative emotion, focus on the opposite of that emotion. E.g If you feel fear, focus on its opposite that is courage. See the chart below for negative emotions and their opposites. Remember a time when you felt that opposite emotion.

Visualize that time and bring up the good feelings. You can also create positive emotions by simply visualizing a special event where you felt very positive and happy, or a family member, a friend or partner who you love or care for. You can also visualize someone who you respect and admire who represents that positive emotion. If you feel fear, you can invoke courage by visualizing someone who embodies a lot of courage and has no fear.

Downloads Explanations

Heart Coherence Trainer (With Schumann Waves)

This is a 15 minute audio featuring a special drum beat that is timed precisely to 7.8 breaths per minute synchronising to the Schumann Resonance at 7.83hz with added Schumann waves that will train your brain to 7.83 hz giving you a multidimensional experience tuning you to pulse of the planet for heightened intuitive powers, deeper connection and for tapping into the infinite intelligence of the super conscious mind.

All you need to do is to slip on a pair of headphones, relax and follow along with the easy audio instructions that will guide you effortlessly into a state of coherence in minutes.

Heart Coherence Trainer

Same session as above without added Schumann waves.

Schumann Resonance Trainer

This session has embedded Schumann Waves taking you from waking beta state through a stress relieving journey that will sync you directly with the pulse of the planet at 7.83hz

MP3 Downloads: