Hip – 4:4, 4:4

This track takes you on a journey. It starts with a club style mix which then shifts into mystic flutes, ambient sounds and smooth beat. It finishes with a jungle style music mix.

This version of the Daily Dose has a meditation intro of 3 minutes and two rounds in 4:4 with their respective breath holds.

The songs composing this track are:

- Good Vibes Only - Find it here
- No Turning Back Now I fell In Love - Find it here
- Sovereignity Remix - Find it here
- Mystic Flute 2 - Find it here

Time stamps

0:00 - Intro Meditation
3:06 - Rhythmic breathing 4/4
8:30 - Breath retention
12:34 - Rhythmic breathing 4/4
15:40 - Breath retention and final meditation