How to Use Alpha Healing 2:4

This mix is an experiment.  Breath work music in 2:4 and 4:8 mixed with advanced brain entrainment sound technology isn’t anywhere else. At the moment only BIG members have access to it. 

The intro meditation is made with Niraj’s track called Alpha Healing Bliss from his program Alpha healing system. These sounds and music are designed to put your brain in a deep alpha/theta state.

To take it a step further, we’ve added the 2:4 breathing on top (and a second version with a 4:8 intro)

The first 2 breathing cycles are also on 2:4 so by going through the music, you will do about 15 mins of this healing pattern while tuning your brain to an Alpha state.

The first few seconds of the mix will allow you to calibrate the volume of the music in the room. Once you’re comfortable with the volume at the beginning of the track, the whole session will be about the same volume. 

During the session, you will hear “Bells” indicating the arrival of the next section.