How to Use Inner Guidance Music – Customise Your Sessions

In this section you will find pieces of music which will allow you to “customise” your own breathwork sessions.

You can think of them as lego pieces where you can structure the sessions according to your specific needs, depending on how much time you have and how deep you want your clients to go. 

You can choose sessions that have 10 mins of meditation before the first breathing round starts, or you can choose sessions that go straight into the rhythmic breathing.

You can also choose between sessions of 3, 4, or 5 rounds. 

During the session, you will hear “Bells” indicating the arrival of the next section.

Although all tracks finish with 10 mins of meditation, we’ve also added a Deep meditation track (Delta Kundalini Ascension) that you can use however you want for either 8 mins, 15 mins or 25 mins.

This can be used at the beginning of the session which gives you the freedom to have your clients chant AUMs, or you can guide them through visualisation and deep trauma and pain release. Also at the end, you can allow the attendees to meditate as long as needed.