IMAGINE PHASE – Create Intention Copy

The use of meta-programming in Soma Breathwork as we have discussed, enables you to program your subconscious operating system. What you may not realise is that there is a specific process that is used in doing this. There are even certain words, phrases or languaging, vocal expression and volume that delivers the experience. This section will cover the basics to get you up and running in not only understanding meta-programming, but how you can create your own scripts.   

Meta-programming map

Part 1. Create Intention

This first stage is where we brainstorm the plan for the intention/new imprint. Just as imprints from childhood are impressed upon us and can affect our psychology and behaviour throughout our life, these new imprints can drive us in our behaviours and decisions we make moving forward. Therefore it is important that we make the desired outcome as real as possible.

So too when something we experience in our external environment can have a profound effect on our psyche, we can also create an experience internally that will do the same. Remember the five-finger piano exercise we mentioned in Directed Neurogenesis; Your brain doesn’t differentiate from what you physically do to what you mentally rehearse. The same areas of the brain are activated.

Step 1. Create a ‘Statement of Intent’
An intention or ‘statement of intent’ should be focussed on a desired future state that is beneficial to the individual’s higher purpose and betterment. Yes it can be a material thing, a behavioural change, even a trauma release or letting go. A person can come up with an intention for themselves or a group can come up with a collective intention.

Example:  “It is in my will to receive or to have ‘x’ in ‘y’ days”

The key is to focus on and imagine what you or the group truly want! not what you don’t want.

Step 2. Imagine the future experience of having it

  • Imagine this in the present tense as if it has already happened.
  • Be elaborate and detailed in your descriptions, don’t leave out anything.
  • Ensure that you take your time and be deliberate.
  • Who are the various characters in your future state?
  • Where are you located in this future state?
  • What is a realistic time limit within which you want your desires to manifest?

Sensory questions you can ask:

Visual – “What do you see around you? What are the colours like? what are people doing? What type of people are they?”

Auditory – “What can you hear? What are people saying?”

Kinaesthetic – “What can you touch or feel around you?”

Olfactory – “Maybe you can smell certain aromas, what are they?”

Gustatory – “If there is food involved, what does it taste like?”

Feeling – And most importantly, “How do you feel and what might other people be feeling?”

You may even get your group to write these things down first. Now the new imprint is created it’s time to get the music on and everyone relaxed.