IMAGINE PHASE – Relax & Set Intention Copy

Part 2. Relax

We will cover the meta-programming part to this phase first then the breathwork.

The first part of this stage is to induce a relaxed state for visualising the completed  imprint/intention to communicate to the subconscious.

The script you use combined with the ambient music will help produce a relaxed ‘alpha/theta brainwave’ state which is ideal for creativity. It’s a state not so deep that they drift off, but where they are still conscious enough to imagine their intention within.

A script example from a live session in Thailand
You’ll notice in this script that it starts off by releasing any body tension that people may be holding on to. Always contracting and squeezing muscles when holding the in-breath and then relaxing on the extended out-breath.

The next part is guiding them with an inner journey into a deeper relaxed state with a 5 countdown that gets you descending stairs and opening doors to the subconscious mind and finally to where the visualisation of the desired future state begins. 

How the words are spoken and when they are spoken is also important.  Pay attention when you practice your SOMA daily dose or other SOMA breathwork meditations to the pauses, the emphasis on words and practice this yourself. You are taking them on a journey so make it sound interesting, not like you’re reading instructions from a manual. You will also notice pauses (…) in between words spoken sometimes


“Lying comfortably with your eyes closed, I want you to bring your awareness to your breath…

Take a breath fully in (breathe in) and hold for a few seconds then let gooo…ahhh

This time as you take a breath in, I want to to tense all the muscles in your body (breathe in) …contract them…squeeeeeeze them…hold the breath for a few seconds and then just release… aaahhhh…. let out a nice sigh… good feelings…

Again now I want you to repeat the same process….just breathe in, fully in (breathe in) squeeeeeze the muscles in your body, squeeze your fist, your hands, squeeze your mula bandha, contract and releeeeeease and let go…thaat’s right.

Let go of any remaining tension from your body.

We are going to do this one last time and the relaxation will really take over your body and every single piece of tension will dissolve away out of your body.

One more time.. Fully in (breathe in) sqeeeeze…. And let gooooooooo..ahhhhhh and just… relax.. into a comfortable, still, safe space.

As we prepare ourselves for an inner journey… an inner journey towards… what our heart is calling… us together, collectively as a tribe

Just bring your awareness again just to your breath… Focussing on taking deep inhales in (breathe in)… and just letting gooooo ahhhhhh.

With every breath… you’re becoming more and more relaxed… as you extend your exhalation just gently blowing the air out slowly and when I count to 5 with each count you’re going to get deeper and deeper into relaxation.

1… take a deep breath in and let go of any tension from your body as you go deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation.

With 2 what I want you to imagine now is that there is a door…and this door.. Is .. the entrance to your subconscious mind… Now 2.. Take a breath fully in… (breathe in) let go with a gentle ahhhhhh…and imagine as you breathe out this door is opening … your breath is your.. key to unlocking your unconscious mind. With every inhale and exhale you become closer and closer to the secret of creating reality.

So the next breath I want you to open the door… 3.. And just walk through the door, and as you walk through the door you see a spiral staircase going down… and down and that spiral staircase takes you deeper and deeper within your own mind.

So with 4 you begin to descend the staircase, so imagine now you are walking down the stairs… each step you’re getting more and more relaxed, more and more comfortable, more and more serene, and peaceful…

…And as you’re descending down, with each breath you’re going down… further and further into the depths… of your… heart consciousness, your inner truth…

…And with 5 you are reaching the bottom of the staircase. And as you reach the bottom of the staircase you see another doorway…. And this doorway opens the key to the dreamworld, the place of your creative imagination…

And with every word I say now I’m going to paint a picture… perfect vision of the reality you want to create… Take a deep breath in (breathe in)… and letting goooo ahhhhh…

You open the doorway to your dream world and as you step out you come into a ….”

This ends the induction script which would now flow into the visualization of the desired future state.

Other phrases that can be used here to help with further relaxing can include:
“As you hear the sound of my voice this means you will feel more relaxed”

“As you breathe out feel a wave of relaxation from the top of your head to the tip of your toes”

If there are distracting external sounds around, incorporate them into your words.

“As you focus your mind on the sounds of the birds and traffic in the background, you can feel your body becoming more and more relaxed”

You can also download the script on this page. 

Part 3. Set intention

The third part of Imagine is for them to set their intention by communicating it to their subconscious mind.

Now they’re relaxed and have opened the door of their subconscious mind to their future state, prompt them to revisit with clarity the intention they developed earlier.

The key here is to guide them into the experience as if what they are wishing to create has already happened and they are living that moment right now.

Include the sensory questions mentioned in the first part and if they shared their intention share the key aspects back to them in the visualisation. 

Sentences you can use:
“Imagine yourself being there as if it has happened..”

“Embody the feelings of being there.”


The illustration below shows approximate times for each part of the process. Beginners may need to be instructed when to do the breath retentions. However once they know the process they can be left to their own timing for it.

Relax Breathing

As mentioned above, the purpose of this part is to get you into an alpha/theta brainwave state. The script begins by bringing your awareness to your breath which starts to connect you to your body and shifts focus to your inner self helping to remove distractions from the outer world.

Followed by doing a few in-breath holds with muscle contractions and extended out-breaths will help to activate your parasympathetic nervous system which will relax you and help remove any anxiety or tension that you may be holding on to. Eventually accessing the alpha/theta state where creativity can flourish and your visualisation becomes more of a real experience.