IN PROGRESS The Pillars of SOMA Breath

One Mind

Super Mind. your very best thinking has got you to where you are today. This thinking is conditioned by the information you consume every day, the people who you communicate with the most frequently, your last five messages on Facebook, your workmates, lover, or partners. They shape and condition your current reality and future path, so you must be really careful of who you let into your close circle, if you truly want to be successful in anything you do.

This is why some people are drawn to mastermind groups: to collectively learn and share from people smarter than themselves. However it’s the people closest to you who have the most influence and this forms your Supermind. As a SOMA Breath Community, we feed your mind with the most up to date information, we bring you up when you are feeling down. We give you tools to reprogram and upgrade your thoughts. We support all of your wildest ideas and ambitions with love and constructive feedback. Our community becomes your upgraded “supermind”.

One Body

Super Human. The old paradigms are that you are a victim of your genes, that chronic diseases can only be treated through medicine, and that your brain cannot change. This paradigm separates mind from body; one of the greatest mistakes of our time. However, not all is lost because new science is disproving all of this. The fact is that your mind and body are one. By studying real life superhumans, people who have reversed disease, and who have trained themselves from nothing to high level athletes, we have created a series of protocols for becoming truly “super human”. When you start practicing SOMA breathwork, you will learn how to reach optimum states of health and fitness, and explore your full human potential while exercising your creative imagination at the same time. 

One Force

Super Charge: Emotion is energy in motion and passion is the number one predictor of success and flow. Passion is contagious, so when you are around passionate people, you also become passionate. Sexual energy is a type of passion, and it is the highest life force energy. We all possess it, but we are not trained on how to properly use it. Dogmatic religions and societal hypnosis has degraded it and suppressed it for so long, that sexual energy has become a taboo in many cultures. What is amazing, is that sexual energy can be cultivated and transmuted into creative energy when you breathe in certain rhythms. The first thing you will learn to do as part of our SOMA community is to cultivate this energy and rekindle your passions. Then, you will notice that your path to success becomes supercharged with an unstoppable life force.