Introduction To Therapeutic Breathwork

For a long time we have been educated into believing that we have no control over our autonomic nervous system, that our mind is separate from our bodies and that drugs and surgery are the only options for treating disease.

Having cured myself from a chronic illness I know from personal experience that this is not the real truth.

One of the biggest causes of illness in our society today is our inability to better manage stress. The crazy thing is that sometimes those that suffer from stress always ‘know’ what they should be doing to better manage it, but they tend to avoid those things. They say they are too busy and don’t have enough time, and then the continued stress escalates to a chronic condition later on.

One of the reasons for this lack of commitment can be an emotional barrier. When someone has emotional issues, rather than take the time to confront them they will escape into work to distract themselves. Even when the work they are doing they don’t enjoy!

The diagram below shows the effects that chronic stress has on your body. How many people do you know in this situation or are heading there?   

The reality is that our body is a super intelligent system designed to self heal using its own pharmacy of medicines that cost nothing and are naturally side effect free!

Is SOMA breath dangerous?

The techniques of SOMA Breath are very safe if practiced properly and learned from a trained SOMA Breath instructor. The breath retention techniques including The Awakening ritual should be done with caution for people who have severe hypertension or heart disease. Pregnant women and menstruating women should avoid The Awakening.

Hyperventilation can lead to respiratory alkalosis and so techniques like Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork or Transformational Breath should be done with caution as it can cause toxic damage and an overload of stress from excess oxygen entering the bloodstream. However SOMA breath uses gentle, rhythmical breathwork and breath retention techniques that prevents this issue and allows more oxygen to enter into the areas it is needed without harming cells from oxidative stress.