Managing Potential Issues Copy

There aren’t many things that can go wrong with an Awakening Ceremony, but just in case there are we want to make sure you are prepared. First off, it is a good idea to mention some things that may happen during your introduction so people aren’t worried if it arises. Some of these that have happened before include: 

  • negative emotions arising and being released in the form of screaming or crying
  • tetany (cramping of the hands and feet)
  • becoming lightheaded, dizziness or even fainting
  • orgasmic energy being released

Here are our recommendations of how to deal with these events.

  1. Negative Emotions Arising
    • Hold space for the participant by coming closer to them and letting them know that everything is ok and you are there to help. It is important to not to interfere too much in their experience but for them to know your are there in case.
    • Encourage them to release whatever it is that is coming out (do this by either saying it within your words during the breathwork for everyone to hear and do, or go to this individual if you can and whisper to them, letting them know they are not alone and you are there to support them)
  2. Tetany (cramping of the hands and feet)
    • Let people know before the session that this is very rare with SOMA and if it does happens they can slow down their breathing slightly or massage themselves in the area where it is painful.
    • If it is unbearable pain they can raise their hand so you or a helper can go over and help massage the part of their body that is experiencing tetany
  3. Becoming lightheaded, dizzy or even fainting
    • Let people know that this is very common and that they can do the meditation sitting or laying down but if they start feeling lightheaded would be best to lay down for the remainder of the session
  4. Orgasmic energy being released
    • On some occasions, participants have had full on orgasms during a session as the sexual energy builds up. Let participants know this can happen and to not be ashamed if it does.
    • Also good to let people know before hand because for others in the session it may be uncomfortable if their neighbour begins orgasming and they were not aware that this is normal.